is a sanitation and waste consultancy that focuses on designing, implementing, and advocating for circular sanitation solutions.
Point of Shift was founded in 2020 by Kelsey McWilliams. After noticing a gap in the market between technologists and individual consumers, Point of Shift was started to help implement, scale, and spread awareness of circular sanitation solutions. At Point of Shift, we envision a greener world where all bio-waste is valued and utilized in circular systems. 


Founder & Managing Director

Kelsey McWilliams is a WASH consultant focused on scaling circular sanitation models and building evidence that circular sanitation systems increase resiliency to climate change. Kelsey focuses on connecting synergies, innovations, and narratives to create a more circular, efficient, and equal society. This passion began as an environmental engineer, discovering how sanitation, and the lack of adequate circular sanitation systems, greatly affect our daily lives. Previously, Kelsey managed several sanitation projects that focused on implementing innovative sanitation within agricultural systems to demonstrate the environmental, social, and economic benefits. Kelsey also has designed tools to help businesses assess the benefits and feasibilities of implement circular sanitation systems. She prioritizes collecting the right data to make informed decisions throughout her work.

Jamina Shupack 

Circular Sanitation Associate

Jamina Shupack is interested in any system that treats waste as a resource, especially when it comes to sanitation. She sees improving the sanitation systems in the United States and beyond as a vital component in the fight against climate change. She has been involved in a number of small scale compost toilet projects and is currently focused on large scale operations. Jamina holds a Bachelors in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Oregon. She comes to the world of circular sanitation after 12 years as an educator. In her spare time, she can often be found working on a sewing project, cooking for her community, embarking on a bike tour, or swimming in the closest body of water.