Menstrual haven & COMPOSTING TOILET
at stonehedge GARDENs

This composting toilet is the first structure within a grand vision to create a circular waste system at Stonehedge Gardens, where waste (food scraps, poop, and pee) is treated and recycled back into the land. The waste in this toilet will compost for 6 months and then be further composted using worms ( vermicomposting) to create rich, dark, nutrient rich soil for the land.


This toilet was designed by Point of Shift and Nicky Rhodes. If you are interested in getting involved, have more questions or interested in implementing your own circular toilet, please reach out to Kelsey McWilliams (kelsey@pointofshift.com). 

What is A composting Toilet?



This composting toilet was designed as a menstrual haven - creating a warm & delicious space for menstruating individuals to return their blood back to earth. 

Menstrual blood contains valuable nutrients for plants and soils.  Beyond nourishing the earth, practices and rituals that celebrate menstrual blood nourish our connection to nature and our bodies. 

How do you celebrate and honor your blood? 


A composting toilet is a type of toilet that treats poop, pee and menstrual blood with the help of bacteria. Similar to composting food - with the help oxygen, bacteria eat and decompose human waste - turning it into compost. 

To create this compost toilet, first a layer of finished compost and then a layer of wet leaves are laid at the bottom of the barrel. Then users after each poop add a scoop of sawdust or charcoal. Coffee grinds are added as a natural smell enhancer.