Project PorTfolio

From farms to converted vans to global sanitation companies, Point of Shift is designing and building sustainable, circular waste systems worldwide.

Inside Greenhouse

EcoVillage, PA USA


In September of 2021, Point of Shift completed the first compost toilet on a growing ecovillage and wellness hub located in Tamaqua, Pennslyvania. This composting toilet was designed as a space to celebrate our waste being converted into compost for the land.  This is the first circular toilet on the property. Point of Shift will be continue to implement various compost toilets and a circular bathhouse as the ecovillage continues to expand.

FARM & Festivals, VT USA


Point of Shift is currently working with a farm that regularly hosts campers, day events, and large festivals. They deal with a large amount of waste a couple of times a year. Point of Shift is designing a composting system that would allow for easy use with fluctuating waste volumes and that would decrease their dependency on portapotties. 


Man Holding Pipe

Point of Shift conducted a market estimate to understand the existing sanitation market in the US and the opportunity for circular sanitation systems at the individual resident level. Over 60 million people within the US currently use septic systems.