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From farms to converted vans to global sanitation companies, Point of Shift is designing and building sustainable, circular waste systems worldwide.

Inside Greenhouse

Wine & Toilets


We are working with a regenerative farm in New York to implement a circular waste system. The system will combine human and winery waste in a modular biodigester to produce energy. The system will also have a greenhouse to grow stem-cut flowers with the produced compost - creating a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing sanitation system you want to see! 

Market estimate for circular Sanitation In the US

Man Holding Pipe

We conducted a market estimate to understand the existing sanitation market in the US and the opportunity for circular sanitation systems at the individual resident level. Over 60 million people within the US currently use septic systems. 

Assessment & Technology selection for tea plantations

We assessed two tea plantations in India and Kenya to determine the optimal sanitation system and technology. Based on the system assessment, we selected and compared global and national technologies to determine the optimal solution.