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Designing Your

Circular, Sustainable


There are a lot of options when considering circular, sustainable toilets. At Point of Shift we help to sift through the noise and design a toilet unique to you.

Creating a World Filled with Sustainable, Beautiful Toilets

You know you want (or are highly considering) a sustainable toilet – a toilet that treats your home’s, business’s, or community’s waste and converts it into a valuable resource. Amazing! The world needs more people thinking about how to manage our waste more sustainably.


But where do you start? You may have found some information on compost toilets (which is only one of the many types of circular sanitation systems), but the internet can be overwhelming with options. 


Circular sanitation systems are like unique snowflakes.  Your situation, home, and vision is unique – your toilet system should be too. 


The good news! With changing regulations and new innovative toilets, there’s never been a better or easier time to implement a circular sanitation system in your backyard. Point of Shift can design your toilet to be a system that gives back to the planet by transforming your poop and pee into compost for your garden, water for irrigation, or gas for cooking.

Opportunities to Work Together

At Point of Shift, we have designed circular sanitation systems for existing homeowners, ecovillages, new landowners, and communities. Listed below are some of the most common ways of working with us!

Circular System Design

Point of Shift will help you understand what circular sanitation system is best for you by assessing your situation, exploring the options that fit your needs, and designing a final solution.

What's Included

Bathroom Exterior + Interior Design

We want every bathroom to be intently designed and a place of warmth for our clients. We can design the entire toilet structure or assist with the interior design for the whimsical toilet of your dreams.

Sample Project

Custom Projects + Consultations

As toilets are as unique as their owners, we know you might not fit into our typical offerings. That’s more than ok! We love unique challenges and projects. Click the button below or email us to tell us more.

Contact us

Circular Sanitation

Assessment + Design

POS can help you design and implement sustainable toilets that create positive change for your home, community, and the earth. And we love bringing clients’ vision for a better toilet to life. A great place to start working with Point of Shift is with the Circular Sanitation Assessment + Design package.  We design a circular sanitation system that works for you.


What’s Included:

  • 3 one-hour calls with Point of Shift CEO
  • Visioning your Dream Toilet Workbook | Excercise that helps you unpack what is important to you in a circular sanitation system
  • Circular Sanitation Booklet | A 30+ page booklet explaining different types of circular sanitation systems, the science of how they work, and various examples.
  • Initial Assessment | Point of Shift understand various factors of your site that affect a circular sanitation system, such as how much waste (poop and pee) could be produced on-site during a year, how climate affects your system, and general water flows on your site.
  • Final Circular Sanitation System Design | Fully designed system that includes a parts list, maintenance, and implementation guide.
Ready to Start Building Your Toilet? Click Here

Not ready to take the plunge? That’s ok!

Looking for Inspiration? Find Circular, Sustainable Toilets in Your Backyard

Sustainable toilets and alternative septic systems come in all shapes & sizes and are found throughout the world! Point of Shift is currently building a map of circular systems in the Americas. Check out the map below to find circular sanitation systems in your community for inspiration!

To add a toilet in your community to our map, click this link!