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Designing Circular,

Sustainable Toilets

Sustainable, Planet Friendly Toilets

Converting Our Waste Into Resources

At Point of Shift, our toilets convert waste into usable resources. Our toilets treat and process human waste (our pee and poop) into water, fertilizer, and energy. We assist our clients in each stage of the process, from setting initial goals to assessing treatment options, designing the system, and handling any permitting requirements. Our waste has value and should be treated and utilized in circular systems.


At Point of Shift, we’re experts in designing toilets that give back to the environment. We’ll work with you to create a customized system that turns your waste into valuable resources – whether that’s compost for your garden, irrigation water, or gas for cooking.


Like snowflakes, no two circular toilets are exactly alike. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your unique situation and vision. With changing regulations and innovative new toilets hitting the market all the time, there’s never been a better or easier time to make the switch to sustainable sanitation. So why wait?


Let Point of Shift create a beautiful, sustainable toilet that’s as unique and wonderful as you are!

Discover Point of Shift’s Sustainable, Circular Toilets

We specialize in designing circular sanitation systems for a variety of needs – whether you’re an existing homeowner, part of an ecovillage, a new landowner, or a community.


Our process begins with an assessment phase where we take the time to understand your land, location and climate as well as your unique needs, aspirations, and concerns.

Thoughts from Past Clients 🙂

It was such a pleasure working with Kelsey. She not only helped us design our composting toilet, but brought so much fun energy into each call. She easily makes sanitation and toilets something you are excited to talk about each week.

LynnComposting Toilets

Kelsey took exceptional care to understand our needs in our sanitaiton system as well as understand our region of the US (Colorado) to design a perfect toilet system for us. Thank you Kelsey and Point of Shift.

MichelleSustainable Toilet

Frequently asked questions

What is circular sanitation?

Circular sanitation is any system that collects, treats and converts our waste (poop and pee) into a useable resource such as fertilizer, energy and water onsite.

What does the process look like?

We start with an assessment phase, understanding your needs, desires and key components of your dream toilet. Next we compare various circular sanitation options, pulling together no more than three options that would work for you. We walk through each solution with the client to determine the final design. Point of Shift then designs the final system delivering you a circular sanitation system and clear implementation next steps.

Can Point of Shift help with regulations?

Sanitation regulations differ from state to state, and can be complex to understand. In all of our projects, we understand the regulations in your area. We determine how to move forward with regulators as you implement a circular sanitation system.

The future of beautiful bathrooms

Previously Completed Projects

Point of Shift designed a urine diverting compost toilet for an ecovillage in Vermont, where the urine combined with harvested rain water and then entered a specifically designed “pee garden”.

Point of Shift transformed an existing septic system adding a sand filter to allow the client to reuse the water for irrigation across their property.

Utilizing bokashi composting principles, Point of Shift designed an off-grid cabin composting system for a client in Canada that allowed for all season composting.

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Looking for Inspiration? Find Circular, Sustainable Toilets in Your Backyard

Sustainable toilets and alternative septic systems come in all shapes & sizes and are found throughout the world! Point of Shift is currently building a map of circular systems in the Americas. Check out the map below to find circular sanitation systems in your community for inspiration!

To add a toilet in your community to our map, click this link!