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At Point of Shift, toilets are our jam. We love helping our clients to implement circular sanitation systems that are sustainable and perfect for them. 


In today’s blog, we are highlighting the core principles that shape our company and drive every toilet design we work on. The secret in our jam or what we refer to as our “toilet principles”. We hope you join us in revolutionizing the world of sanitation!


EDUCATION | Bringing the Gap in Knowledge on Circular Sanitation


We love teaching others about circular sanitation systems, including the science behind how our waste is converted into useable resources, such as water, compost and energy. In general, the decomposition and treatment of our waste (poop and pee) in most systems mimics natural processes found in nature. We enjoy teaching about circular sanitation and expanding our client’s understanding of what is possible with our waste.


When you work with Point of Shift, in addition to a call that explains the circular sanitation system options and technologies, you receive a 30+ page booklet that explains each system, how it works, and companies that supply parts for that system. 


UNIQUENESS | Each sanitation system is a unique snowflake


Sanitation systems are as unique as the clients we design for. Sanitation systems function best when they are designed for the unique needs of people using the toilet and the land surrounding the system. We intently include the thoughts, feelings, desires and needs of our clients to design a system that is a great fit for them, their community and the land.


RESOURCEFULNESS | Waste is a resource that has value for the earth.


Our waste has evolved with the planet and has been used by societies for thousands of years to sustain agriculture and provide nutrients for the ecosystem. By implementing circular sanitation systems, we are providing sustainable nutrients and resources for our planet and local ecosystems. 


Societies in Japan in the 1700s used referred to human waste as “night soil”. This resource was highly valued by farmers, as they spread the collected nutrients on their farm lands. For more information on the history of human waste as a fertilizer check out this article!


BEAUTY | Toilets should be beautiful 


As a society, what we put beauty, intent, and design into are things that we value. The toilet and bathroom should be a place of beauty, art, and refuge – reminding us of our connection to the earth. The toilet and sewers systems have allowed societies of people to flourish throughout the centuries.


The toilet deserved to be a decorated, beautiful and easeful place within our homes, offices and community spaces. Point of Shift is developing a line of beautiful, well designed toilets. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on our process.


Thanks for reading more about our principles and “why” toilets hold a special place in our heart. 


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Kelsey McWilliams

Founder & Managing Director
Kelsey founded Point of Shift in 2020 to address a gap between technologists and consumers in the Circular sanitation market. Her career as an environmental engineer, sanitation project manager, and business technology consultant over the past seven years has included designing innovative Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) systems for agriculture and developing tools to help businesses assess the feasibility of Circular sanitation technologies.