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We love when other people talk about Point of Shift. This article highlights the various articles, podcasts and magazines that Point of Shift has been featured it.

ZuLoo Podcast Episode | Sept. 14, 2023

Point of Shift’s CEO, Kelsey McWilliams talk with the NGO ZuLoo on traveling to New Zealand, the beauty of bathrooms and Point of Shift’s vision. “So by focusing on the beauty of the bathroom, not only are we creating a space, that’s a refuge of a space that you want to be, it’s actually better for your digestive and nervous system.”
A Sierra magazine article written by a long-time friend of Point of Shift, Lina Zeldovich, describing Point of Shift’s method for building a simple, DIY compost toilet.
The Last Straw is a natural building magazine that has been publishing quarterly issues since the 1970s. The July 2023 edition features a beautiful, compost toilet Point of Shift designed with Nicky Rhodes. This article includes the construction plans to build this circular sanitation system.

Friday Flush Interview | October 2022

Point of Shift’s CEO, Kelsey McWilliams was interviewed as a part of WEFTec’s Year of Poo that highlighted innovators with the toilet industry. The Year of Poo is focused on changing the conversation around our poo.
“Frequently misunderstood, conveniently flushed and forgotten, and vastly underestimated – Poo has incredible power beyond the flush” – Year of Poo
Hula, a coworking space in Burlington, featured Kelsey McWilliams in a video about members. Hear Kelsey talk about the van she converted and why she is passionate about circular sanitation systems, and beautiful toilets.